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The Walking Dead Gets Permission to use F-Word in Season 8

The F-Word

The situation of being hunted by zombies constantly would get more than a few swears out of the average Joe. However, The Walking Dead is a show that often has to worry about its language.

American television has strict guidelines about how many curse words can be used. AMC follows and obeys these guidelines, and this channel airs The Walking Dead. This means that the writers of The Walking Dead have had to censor any F-Bombs from every episode of the past seven seasons.


However, this could soon be considered a thing of the past. These guidelines have “been relaxed”, according to recent reports. The show runner of Fear The Walking Dead, Dave Erickson, responded to these reports. He said that the characters may say the F-Word a few times in the eighth season because of this relaxation of rules and censorship. At The Walking Dead press conference in New York Comic Con 2017, the cast and producers told fans that they will be able to use the F-Word during the eighth season.


In a talk with, Dave Erickson had this to say.

“You get a specific number of curse words you can say, and then there’s a list of what you can and can’t do. I think it was our script coordinator who told me there was an email that had come up. There had been a memo saying we could now say ‘f*ck’ twice over the course of an entire season. I don’t know at what point AMC corporate decided to allow it, but they did.”


Most fans and people working on the show are happy about this change. This is because it makes the show more realistic, and allows better character development and freedom. However, others are arguing that this is a slippery slope into using swears constantly. Reassurances by the writers are that, since they’re still only allowed two F-Bombs a season, they won’t use the word often.

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