Tesco Scrapping 5p Carrier Bag – Resulting In Paying More

Very soon you’ll need to remember to bring your own bags to Tesco or things could get quite expensive.

Britain’s biggest grocer Tesco will stop selling single-use 5p plastic bags in its stores, replacing them with “bags for life” to be offered at double the price.

Tesco will discontinue the 5p carrier bags altogether starting from 28 August – you’ll want to remember to bring your own bags from that date.

The decision was made following a trial run that had led to a 25 per cent reduction in the number of bags bought.

Tesco said it has given out 1.5 billion fewer single use bags since the introduction of the carrier bag charge in England but still sells more than a staggering 700 million each year.

Wales introduced its 5p charge in 2011, Northern Ireland in 2013 and Scotland in 2014. All have reported massive reductions in the sales of bags to customers since the change.

We could potentially see other big supermarkets follow Tesco’s lead if positive results are to show.


Matt Davies, Tesco chief executive for the UK and Ireland told Sky News: “The number of bags being bought by our customers has already reduced dramatically.

“Today’s move will help our customers use even fewer bags but ensure that those sold in our stores continue to fund thousands of community projects across the country chosen by customers.

“It’s the right thing to do for the environment and for local communities.”




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