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Market Traders Take Epic Revenge On Girl Who Left Her Car There Overnight

We’ve all stopped in questionable places for a short period of time, due to the lack of parking around, often on a busy summers day.

Someone who may now be reluctant to park in unpermitted places is 19-year-old bartender, Khembe Gibbons.


Twitter/ rambogiblet

Khembe left her car parked overnight while she stayed at her friend’s house in Bury St Edmunds. The story broke out when she tweeted about the incident on Twitter, which has collected up thousands of favourites

Traders at the market got their revenge in a hilarious fashion by building a stall around the car in their way, blocking it from view.

When we asked her about her initial reaction, she told The British Feed: “I just froze for a second, I didn’t know whether to panic, laugh or cry, my friend was laughing lots so I was like stop this isn’t funny how do I get it out haha!”

We also asked whether or not she will be more wary about where she parks in the future, her response was: “I will definitely think about it more now, I was just tired so wasn’t concentrating”

Fortunately, in this incident there’s a happy ending.

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