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‘Judge Rinder’ friends faked legal row to get £5000 payout

They were seen having a pint together just hours before filming.

The two drinking pals appeared on ITV’s Judge Rinder to claim maximum damages (£6,100) over a fake dispute about an office refurbishment.

Thousands watched as the pair conned the show out of £5,000 after providing a fake paper trail as evidence.

The pair came up with the idea after they discovered that ITV pay out the cash, not the defendants.

Horner confessed to The Sun: “It was an Oscar-winning performance from start to finish. By the end Judge Rinder was utterly convinced. Me and Paul went on the piss to celebrate afterwards and have split the £5,000”

Brewster added: “I haven’t done anything wrong. I was paid for entertainment and that’s exactly what I gave them. I was paid to act.”

A spokesperson for ITV responded: “If they have defrauded us we will take this up with police.”

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