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Families Furious at ‘Britain’s Worst Ice Rink’

Icy Reception

Families were more than a little disappointed at one ice rink in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

It was set up in a shopping centre car park, with three model penguins and two giant toy soldiers. However, customers complained about the small size of the rink, as it was only as big as the average driveway. David Trivett, who visited the ice rink, said “Ice rink? I’ve slipped on a bigger frozen puddle.” Another man who saw the rink, Rich Parsons, said “Five people at a time due to health and safety, I bet! My mid-terrace house garden’s wider than that!”

There were also complaints about the ice not being properly melted, so the children had to skate ‘through slush’.

David Harris, a 45 year old father-of-two said “It’s like something from Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights. My kids said the rink was slushy and they got bored after two minutes. My eight year old daughter came off after her turn and just said ‘it’s rubbish’. I have to say I agree.”

Cool Party

Customers are charged £3 for a 20 minute session on the rink. It sits opposite a Sports Direct behind Three Spires Shopping Centre. The venue runs an ‘Ice Magic’ attraction which is open every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, until the 23rd of December. The event was eagerly anticipated, but when opened, was met with a lot of criticism.

On Facebook, Suz Neill said “If you’re over 4ft tall you’re not going to do a lot of skating on a postage stamp ice rink.”

Cold Shoulder

A spokesperson for the shopping centre said “The ice rink is effectively a free event in the fact that shoppers are able to redeem receipts for spend of £20 or more with Three Spires Shopping Centre retailers for free skating sessions for two. The event is primarily aimed at children with penguin skating aids available for the younger skater, although all are welcome to skate…We feel sure that both adults and children alike will enjoy this addition to what is already a very attractive shopping experience here in Lichfield.”

The cold response of the customers is proving the shopping centre wrong. Maybe everybody needs to chill.


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