Ex Big Brother housemate claims ‘depression isn’t real’ & Twitter users respond with anger

A former Big Brother contestant has angered many Twitter users with tweets about depression.


Andrew Tate, is an American-British kickboxer from Chicago, who competes in the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions.

In 2016, Tate competed as a housemate of the popular British TV show, Big Brother (season seventeen). He was ejected from the house after 7 days due to a video that surfaced showing him violently hitting a woman belt and telling her to count her bruises.

It appears now the 30 year old enjoys spending his time posting harmful tweets to receive more attention.

Former Big Brother housemate Andrew Tate believes clinical depression isn’t real

It’s not the first time the kickboxer has come under fire for his controversial views.

During his short period in the house, racist and homophobic tweets sent from his account were uncovered, dating back years.

How the public reacted

A few different replies there, it’s fair to say everyone is understandably outraged by the comments made by the Big Brother reject.

If you do suffer from any depression related illness, please do seek help. You’re not alone!

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