Eleven Injured in London in Shock Car Crash

Car Crash

A car mounted the pavement outside the Natural History Museum today, at 2.20pm. Eleven people were injured, including the suspect. At first, this was suspected by pedestrians to be a terror attack. However, The Metropolitan Police later stated that this had nothing to do with terrorism as far as they knew. It was just a “road traffic collision”, which was established four hours after the incident. This wasn’t known at the time, so people reacted as if it were a terrorist incident.


When the car crash first happened, police ran into local bars and restaurants. They told everyone to get out, which resulted in chaos. One witness wished to remain anonymous, and was interviewed by the BBC on the incident. She said she thought she heard gunshots. In trying to run, her friend “…dived on the floor and cut her hands.” The businesses were soon deserted. Later, when she returned to the scene, she saw a man “…on the floor being restrained by police.” That man is now being held at a north London police station in custody.


Eleven people were injured, with either head or leg injuries. Nine of the injured needed to go to hospital. However, none of the injuries were considered by London Ambulance to be life-threatening or life changing.


Those in line to the museum when the incident happened were also affected. Connor Honeyman was in the queue at the time. He said on the BBC’s article on this incident that “We heard a horrible thudding noise and a car engine. Everyone started running and screaming inside. We ran in, everyone was following us, and then all the security guards ran out and they closed the main entrance. There was much confusion before the police got there.”

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan tweeted, saying that “For Londoners and visitors planning to visit our excellent museums and attractions in the area, please be assured they will be open as usual tomorrow.”

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