DJ Khaled is excited to be the new face of Weight Watchers

DJ Khaled is the one to inspire a load of New Year’s resolutions as the new face of Weight Watchers after 20lbs weight loss.

The weight-loss company has enlisted DJ Khaled as a “social-media ambassador,” a move that helped send the shares up as much as 7.3 per cent yesterday.

The music producer, who has nearly four million followers on Twitter, tweeted that he was “down 20 pounds and ready for more” including the hashtag “WWFreestyle,” which is associated with the company’s new advertising campaign. The first few months of the year, when many people resolve to lose weight, is a key period for diet companies.

He went on to share the news on Twitter along with a video of his adorable son, Asahd: ‘PART 5. MAJOR KEY ALERT!!! In full 2018 mode…excited to be living this #WWFreestyle life with you. Down 20 pounds and ready for more. Come with me on my journey to greatness. Bless up Weight Watchers!!!’




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