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    The Truth About Living Abroad

    While many people are heading off to uni, you might have chosen to take a gap year! If you have, and you are planning on living abroad for a bit, then there are some things you are likely to miss about home during your “gap yah”. TV Nothing brings people together like a bit of […] More

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    Market Traders Take Epic Revenge On Girl Who Left Her Car There Overnight

    We’ve all stopped in questionable places for a short period of time, due to the lack of parking around, often on a busy summers day. Someone who may now be reluctant to park in unpermitted places is 19-year-old bartender, Khembe Gibbons.   Khembe left her car parked overnight while she stayed at her friend’s house in Bury St […] More

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    The Funniest General Election Tweets

    With the general election fast approaching, we have put together some of the funniest tweets this election campaign has seen. 1. Every single person in this photograph looks like they've just received a £900 Virgin Media bill for films they absolutely didn't watch. — hrtbps (@hrtbps) April 21, 2017   2. It's the remix […] More

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    When 90’s Cartoons Took It Too Far

    Cartoons are not what they used to be and maybe it’s for the best and the images below prove that.  Almost all of these have sexual references.  Most of us wouldn’t have noticed these back in the 90s as the majority of us would have been too young to know what “touching yourself” was but that […] More

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    20 Jokes That Anybody Who Works In Retail Will Find Hilarious

    1. Manager: "you can go ahead and clock out, it's slow" *gets busy* Manager: — Azula ⚡️ (@RogueAzula) May 6, 2017   2. When your shift is over and a customer asks you a question — Sierra (@SierraKealy) April 3, 2017     3. When a customer yelling at you like you made […] More

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    British Politicians Improved By “Game Of Thrones” Quotes

    Game of thrones is one of the most popular shows on television pulling in millions of viewers around the world every week.  With the show currently in production for a new series the world is eagerly anticipating its return later this year.  The pictures of our nation’s politicians have been given a game of thrones […] More

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    The Funniest ‘Roast My Selfie’ Comments

    Roast my selfie has grown with popularity over the last few years and it’s all down to its brilliance. The concept is simple, you post a selfie on to the group page and then other members of the group begin to comment and basically take the piss out of you and any flaw they can […] More

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    Sex Toy Makes An Appearance On Bear Grylls The Island

    Bear Grylls is a lunatic.  He’s been on our screens for years now and we have seen him do just about everything from drink his own piss to eating bugs and other living creatures.  Grylls has become such a star he has his own reality TV show called The Island where teams of people try to […] More

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    #Dadlife Tweets That Any Dad Will Find Hilarious

    Being a dad is a wonderful thing, your own little bundle of joy that you helped create but what you failed to realise was the hard work that comes with being a dad. From being woken up first thing in the morning to watch SpongeBob, being used as a personal taxi service or watching the […] More