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    Why Birmingham Shops Have Become Autism Friendly

    Autism Autism is a developmental disorder, which is usually first noticed in odd behaviours of toddlers. However, it will affect the person who has it for the rest of their life. They may find it difficult to say what they mean in social situations. They might also not understand what a person speaking to them […] More

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    BBC presenter Dan Walker accidentally says c*** on live TV

    BBC presenter Dan Walker stumbled over his words during a live recording of BBC breakfast. While introducing a segment on travel when he mispronounced the word “culture”. Dan Walker loves a bit if #cunture — Tom C (@Thomascookbrfc) September 26, 2017 Co-host Naga Munchetty swiftly explained the blunder by stating “That was a mixture […] More

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    People are outraged as McVitie’s make huge change to Jaffa Cakes

    McVitie’s have today outraged the entire nation with the new changes set to be made to Britain’s favourite, Jaffa Cakes. “Shrinkflation” has struck the confectionary aisle once more, with McVitie’s reducing the number of Jaffa Cakes in each standard box from 12 to 10 (taking each pack from 146.6g to 122g). Some retailers have been said […] More

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    Bomb Exploded on London Tube Train

    The Attack On the morning of the 15th of September, a bomb exploded on a tube train, in Parsons Green, London. 29 passengers have been left with injuries that require hospital treatment. There were no reported fatalities, as the bomb failed to detonate fully. The BBC’s security correspondent, Frank Gardner, said that if the bomb […] More

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    Is Your New £10 Note Worth More Than A Tenner?

    This Thursday, the new plastic £10 note came into circulation. Jane Austen will be featured on the new £10 note after a period of 4 months when no women apart from the Queen were represented on a bank note. Bank of England governor, Mark Carney states “The new £10 note celebrates Jane Austen’s work. Austen’s […] More

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    Tesco Scrapping 5p Carrier Bag – Resulting In Paying More

    Very soon you’ll need to remember to bring your own bags to Tesco or things could get quite expensive. Britain’s biggest grocer Tesco will stop selling single-use 5p plastic bags in its stores, replacing them with “bags for life” to be offered at double the price. Tesco will discontinue the 5p carrier bags altogether starting […] More

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    The Asian hornet has reached the UK – And it’s bad news for EVERYONE

    The Asian hornet might be trying to set up a home in the UK. The species was spotted in the country last month but a nest has only just been discovered in Tetbury, Gloucestershire. It was found at the top of a 55ft conifer tree, close to the original sightings, with experts studying the shell […] More

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