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    Fitness Mum Dies From Her First Jog After Having Her Baby

    Fitness and Negligence Louise Smith, aged 34, was a second dan in karate and regularly completed triathlons. However, she died just 50 metres into a run, six months after giving birth to her son, Joshua. Doctors had incorrectly diagnosed her with a non-life threatening heart condition after she fainted and felt dizzy during her pregnancy. […] More

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    Schools Beg Parents To Pay For Pens Because of Tory Cuts

    Schools Two schools in Theresa May’s constituency of Maidenhead have sent letters to parents, asking for donations. Teachers said that they are so penniless due to cuts made by the Conservative Party in charge that they need donations of £190 a year to pay for “glue, pens, pencils, exercise books, paper, tape, paint.” The letters […] More

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    An Escaped Lynx Has Been Shot Dead

    Lynx A lynx escaped from a wildlife park in Wales on the 29th of October. When she was found, she was killed due to the fear that she might harm a human while looking for food. Her name was Lillith, and she was one and a half years old, which is quite young for a […] More

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    Greggs Launching NEW Christmas Menu And We Can’t Wait

    Greggs fans have cause to celebrate this week after the bakery chain revealed that their brand NEW Christmas menu is soon to be released. Greggs Festive Bake has been a favourite for years now and it’s back with some winter favourites. You’ll be able to get your hands on these festive treats from Thursday November […] More

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    Global Wine Shortage is Coming

    Warning The CNN is warning people that wine prices might go up due to a potential shortage. This is because this year has seen a ‘disastrous harvest’, due to awful weather conditions. Weather European vineyards had to deal with many hailstorms and frosts in the spring. Many vineyards in Burgundy were forced to buy large […] More

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    Student Drowns in Background of Friend’s Selfie

    Vishwas The student, known as Vishwas, was having a picnic with his friends near Bangalore, India. He began to struggle in the water they had all jumped into. This went unnoticed by his friends, who continued to laugh and take pictures as their friend drowned. Swimming Viskwas and his friends were all from the National […] More

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    Eleven Injured in London in Shock Car Crash

    Car Crash A car mounted the pavement outside the Natural History Museum today, at 2.20pm. Eleven people were injured, including the suspect. At first, this was suspected by pedestrians to be a terror attack. However, The Metropolitan Police later stated that this had nothing to do with terrorism as far as they knew. It was […] More

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    Why Birmingham Shops Have Become Autism Friendly

    Autism Autism is a developmental disorder, which is usually first noticed in odd behaviours of toddlers. However, it will affect the person who has it for the rest of their life. They may find it difficult to say what they mean in social situations. They might also not understand what a person speaking to them […] More

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