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    Why Birmingham Shops Have Become Autism Friendly

    Autism Autism is a developmental disorder, which is usually first noticed in odd behaviours of toddlers. However, it will affect the person who has it for the rest of their life. They may find it difficult to say what they mean in social situations. They might also not understand what a person speaking to them […] More

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    The Truth About Living Abroad

    While many people are heading off to uni, you might have chosen to take a gap year! If you have, and you are planning on living abroad for a bit, then there are some things you are likely to miss about home during your “gap yah”. TV Nothing brings people together like a bit of […] More

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    Is Your New £10 Note Worth More Than A Tenner?

    This Thursday, the new plastic £10 note came into circulation. Jane Austen will be featured on the new £10 note after a period of 4 months when no women apart from the Queen were represented on a bank note. Bank of England governor, Mark Carney states “The new £10 note celebrates Jane Austen’s work. Austen’s […] More

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    Advice we wish we’d been told at University

    1. Money management Student loan is a blessing, and a curse. You’ll start the year telling yourself that you’ll be sensible, and then blow over £300 in freshers week, and this will continue. Absolutely do not take your debit card to your nights out, you will end up buying everyone you bump into a drink […] More

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    Cheese Tea: Your New Morning Cuppa?

    Yes, you read that right. From Taiwanese street stalls to LA, this cheesy concoction is sweeping the globe and it’s only a matter of time before “cheese tea” arrives here in the UK. There are many different varieties such as oolong, black and jasmine tea which are topped with a thick layer of creamy whipped […] More

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    10 Things That Only Northerners Will Understand

    There are many aspects of the northern life that southerners just don’t quite understand, today we pick out ten of the most popular ones. 1.Chips, cheese and gravy 2. “Buggurlugs” (Used to describe a moody person) 3. Cheaper beer 4. “Who’s left that bloody light on upstairs? It’s like Blackpool illuminations, go and switch it […] More

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