Audi Driver Left With £5,500 Bill After Using Asda Fuel

The Situation

Errol Crosbie, the driver and a father of three, has received a £5,500 repair bill for his Audi. This is because it was full of petrol, and not the diesel his car needed. He claims that Asda’s Hayes Station was the only gas station he filled up at in May, when the car broke down. He thinks that Asda’s diesel pump was accidentally full of petrol, which caused his car to break down. His car’s fuel system was worth £17,500, which is now destroyed. The Audi is still broken down, because Errol is arguing with Asda about who will pay the repair costs.


Errol states that he filled up at the station on the 24th of May, and he has a receipt, bank statement, and CCTV footage to prove it.

After first hearing Errol’s complaint, Asda stated that they haven’t found any CCTV footage of him or his car on that day. They said instead that a silver Mercedes Benz used the pump on the date and time Errol claimed he used it. However, this was disproved later on by Asda themselves, who apologised to Errol. They said that they did see him in the CCTV upon a closer look. They didn’t notice this before because the footage was out of sync.

Asda have also responded saying that they have received no complaints from other customers who used the pump that day, despite there being over 700 customers.

Peace Offering

Asda sent Errol a £50 Asda gift card to apologise for their CCTV mistake. However, Errol is angry enough about this, that he sent the gift card back the moment it arrived. He says: “Do they think I want to go in an Asda store ever again? £50 is an insult.” Additionally, he states that, “This is not about money. It’s about respect for a customer.”


Errol wants to take this issue to a small claims court, where he hopes Asda will give him the money to repair his car. As he says, “…they’re a multi-billion pound company.” However, he doesn’t want any further compensation. He knows that going to court “…will cost me £500 but it’s the only solution.”

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