An Escaped Lynx Has Been Shot Dead


A lynx escaped from a wildlife park in Wales on the 29th of October. When she was found, she was killed due to the fear that she might harm a human while looking for food.

Her name was Lillith, and she was one and a half years old, which is quite young for a lynx. She was a Eurasion lynx, and was twice the size of a domestic cat. She escaped from Borth Wild Animal Kingdom in Ceredigion.

Wildlife Park

The park said that Lillith did not pose a danger to humans, but members of the public shouldn’t get too close. They also stated that there have never been any recorded attacks of a lynx on a human. However, officials warned that they are wild animals with sharp teeth and claws who ‘will attack if cornered or trapped.’

Ceredigion Council

There were several sightings of Lillith by keepers, assisted sometimes by a police helicopter. However, following failed attempts at recapturing her, Ceredigion Council decided that she had to be shot. This was due to the advice given on the 10th of November by a specialist veterinary surgeon, who said that ‘the risk to public well-being had increased from moderate to severe due to the continued failure of the Wild Animal Kingdom to recapture the Lynx.’

A statement posted on Facebook by Aberystwyth central councillor Ceredig Davies said that the council had ‘deep regret’ for ‘the humane destruction of the Eurasian Lynx’. They also said: ‘The safety of the public was paramount and therefore once the Lynx had strayed over to a populated area of the community it was necessary to act decisively.’

Public Response

Many people responded with outrage to the Facebook post, and the death of Lillith. Many questioned the decision, stating that ‘if it was in close enough range to be killed, why could it not have been shot with a sedative?’ Another wrote that: ‘Other countries can tranquillise big cats and other wildlife, capture and move them to another location away from populated areas. Shame on Ceredigion.’

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