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A Doctor Has Officially Told People the Best Hangover Cures

Hair of the Dog

Emeka Okorocha, a junior doctor, has spread the news to the world about hangover cures. He has confirmed that ‘the hair of the dog that bit me’ (which is having alcohol to get rid of a hangover) does not work. He says: “When people ask me whether continuing to drink will help their hangover, I beg them not to do it…You should take at least 48 hours for your body to rest before taking alcohol again.”

Working Cures

Due to this misinformation, and other cures that do not actually work, the doctor has decided to reveal the hangover cures he knows work, which are also his favourites.

A Tomato A Day…

The first one of these is the Virgin Mary. This is made of:

Half a glass of tomato juice
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
A dash of Worcestershire sauce
A dash of hot pepper sauce, and
A celery stick.

He says that: “Tomatoes contain fructose, which is a sugar that can help the alcohol in your body metabolise faster.” He also suggests drinking this not just when you have a hangover, but during a party night to sober up.

That’s Bananas!

The second hangover cure is a banana and honey sandwich. It’s made up of:

A mashed banana
A tablespoon of honey, and
2 slices of wholemeal bread

He says that: “Bananas are a high source of potassium – an electrolyte that gets depleted when you go out on the binge. The honey will give you that spike of sugar in your bloodstream and that energy rush to help you get back on your feet.”

Ginger Binger

His third cure is ginger tea, which consists of:

12 large ginger slices
4 cups of boiling water
A dash of lemon
Half a cup of honey
Fresh orange juice

The Last Cure

The doctor’s last cure is simply a chair to sit in, two paracetamol and some water to wash it down, and a bed to sleep in. Simple enough, and it works.

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