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    NHS hospitals are banning super-size chocolate bars and ‘grab bags’

    NHS hospitals are banning the sale of super-size chocolate bars and ‘grab bags’ from canteens, hospital shops and vending machines. There will be a limit of 250 calories for chocolate bars and sweets that can be sold in NHS hospitals. In addition, 75% of pre-packaged sandwiches will have to be under 400 calories. Drinks with […] More

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    Birmingham Students Had a Rave in a Greggs

    Pastries to Rave About On the night of 11th October, students from Birmingham University went to a Greggs in the city centre. Greggs became a secret rave site for three hours. 50 students attended, who all received free pastries, donuts and alcohol. It included a DJ to play music, modern disco equipment, a modern sound […] More

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    Student Drowns in Background of Friend’s Selfie

    Vishwas The student, known as Vishwas, was having a picnic with his friends near Bangalore, India. He began to struggle in the water they had all jumped into. This went unnoticed by his friends, who continued to laugh and take pictures as their friend drowned. Swimming Viskwas and his friends were all from the National […] More

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    Eleven Injured in London in Shock Car Crash

    Car Crash A car mounted the pavement outside the Natural History Museum today, at 2.20pm. Eleven people were injured, including the suspect. At first, this was suspected by pedestrians to be a terror attack. However, The Metropolitan Police later stated that this had nothing to do with terrorism as far as they knew. It was […] More

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    Why Birmingham Shops Have Become Autism Friendly

    Autism Autism is a developmental disorder, which is usually first noticed in odd behaviours of toddlers. However, it will affect the person who has it for the rest of their life. They may find it difficult to say what they mean in social situations. They might also not understand what a person speaking to them […] More

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    BBC presenter Dan Walker accidentally says c*** on live TV

    BBC presenter Dan Walker stumbled over his words during a live recording of BBC breakfast. While introducing a segment on travel when he mispronounced the word “culture”. Dan Walker loves a bit if #cunture pic.twitter.com/twSabosb5Z — Tom C (@Thomascookbrfc) September 26, 2017 Co-host Naga Munchetty swiftly explained the blunder by stating “That was a mixture […] More

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    Audi Driver Left With £5,500 Bill After Using Asda Fuel

    The Situation Errol Crosbie, the driver and a father of three, has received a £5,500 repair bill for his Audi. This is because it was full of petrol, and not the diesel his car needed. He claims that Asda’s Hayes Station was the only gas station he filled up at in May, when the car […] More

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