12-Year-Old Getting DNA Test On Live TV To Find Out Her Baby’s Father Out Of 3 Men

In a SHOCKING piece of television, a schoolgirl is to learn the DNA results revealing whether she was made pregnant aged 11 by a close family member on a disturbing live TV show.

The 12 year old, Tanya Luchishin claimed that the father of her five-week-old daughter was her neighbour named Andriy, who had sex with her when he was 17 (a crime that could potentially see him jailed for 5-10 years) – DNA evidence showed that the baby was not his.


Tanya Luchishin with her baby daughter Diana.

With the confirmation of Andriy not being the father, the show is planning to DNA test her stepfather Ivan Eremin and her brothers Volodya, 15, and her Viktor, 17.

Stepfather Ivan Eremin and her brothers Volodya,and Viktor.

On the previous show, Tanya claimed that she had suffered sex attacks at the hands of her stepfather, brother and half-brother.

To which her Step father replied: “I would not have come here if I had anything to do with the pregnancy of my step-daughter. I am ready to undertake a DNA test and to prove that I am not the father of this child.”

“I am afraid of nothing. I don’t want to live when people are pointing their figures at me, at my wife. I never had any relations with Tanya, I could not even think about it.”

Children ombudsman Valeria Lutkovskaya accused the show of flouting Tanya’s human rights and appealed to Ukraine’s TV regulator to take legal measures against the channel.

Lviv regional police say a criminal investigation has been opened relating to underage sex.

Police say they have ordered separate DNA tests over the paternity and point out that the neighbour can face prosecution over his admission of sex with the girl when she was 11.

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