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11 Pictures That Prove You Should Really Check Your Background Before Taking A Selfie

Not only are people who take selfies documenting a moment in their lives, but the majority of the time, that moment’s going to be shared on social media.

And once it’s out there, it’s practically impossible to control who sees the pic or who shares it.

So you’ll want to be confident that the picture you take is free of any unintentional…stuff. These people certainly didn’t, and the results are funny, but also surprisingly consistent.

I’d love to know what this guy is actually doing back there..

Don’t forget to do that all important quick spider check, especially if your selfie is on burst mode.

You’ve got be smarter than this…

I can’t understand why someone would even do this?

This person clearly wants people to think that she isn’t lonely, not the greatest thing to do.. Especially when you’ve got a mirror directly behind you!

I get the feeling this dog would drink just about anything!

This image screams out ‘behind you!’.

Auto-focus went straight to the horse’s backside.

That’s fine, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be shared.

Mirrors can distort words. Or reveal things.

It doesn’t matter about the time or place for these dogs!

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